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Winding thoughtful trail through the forest

I look over to the old ferry terminal. Seeing it sends me spiralling back in time to when I first told my grandfather I was moving to Toronto. The moment he found out, my grandfather got very excited, and he started telling me how beautiful the harbour was. The pictures he painted of people lying in lush green grass while others happily played Frisbee, picnicked, or just read a book quietly on one of the benches with the lake as a backdrop seemed surreal to me. He raved about standing in line with his friends, coolers full of beer in hand, for a packed five-minute ferry ride to Toronto Islands and the beaches there.

“Toronto has some of the world’s cleanest beaches, Aiden!” he’d say with childlike excitement. “Blue Flag beaches!” he’d add, though he could never explain just what a Blue Flag beach was—something about sustainability.

Weeping Willow of Thought



Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This book is such a gem. The story is weaved beautifully and the readers can certainly see that as they turn the pages. It is very interesting and intriguing. I love the narrative techniques that is being used in this book and the plotline is amazing.