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Dawn of Magic-Rise of the Guardians

Dawn of Magic: Rise of the Guardians

It’s the year 2103, and Earth is in crisis. Temperatures are increasing dramatically, crops are failing, and humanity is struggling to adapt. As climate change and political tensions between Canada and the United States escalate, a long-dormant natural force awakens to reclaim her power from the ravages of science, politics, and organized religion: Mother Nature.

However, she cannot succeed alone. In Toronto, a young man named Aiden has been enduring splitting migraines and vivid dreams that transport him into visions of underground caverns and cataclysmic events. Just when he suspects he’s on the brink of insanity—or possibly even death—a charming stranger coupled with a freak accident unleashes a power from within. Soon, Aiden and his two closest friends find themselves on a journey of joint self-discovery, becoming the first wizards—Mother Earth’s warriors—to appear on Earth in over three thousand years.

Aiden’s inborn magic leads him to a reclusive group known as the Guardians, who teach him how to wield his power. However, it isn’t long before his adventures pit him and his friends against a powerful force that deems magic heresy: the Catholic Church. From an ancient stronghold in Ireland to a secluded village in the French Alps, Aiden and the other wizards must learn to master their magic and protect their ancient knowledge in order to help save the planet.






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Dreaming The Goddess - Finding Balance

Dreaming the Goddess

Finding Balance

In the short story Finding Balance, Jonas Drayce has long struggled with his identity.

It's been years since he accepted himself as a gay man, but now the religion he grew up with no longer calls to him, and he finds himself seeking for a spiritual path to truly call his own.

Just as he thinks he finds it in the arms of a god, he discovers the importance of balance between the male and female aspects of himself. This discovery propels him and his best friend Claire onto a journey with the goddess Elen of the Ways.




Winding thoughtful trail through the forest

“I’ve listened to his arrogant, self-absorbed voice every day for the past ten years. Lucky for you, Père Georges was quite firm in his statement that no harm shall come to you before we’ve had a chance to study you firsthand.”

He gestures with the pistol. “Now if you’ll be so kind as to come this way. Your destruction of the manse has set us back, but with five hostages now”—he smirks at the Guardians—“His Holiness Gregory and His Excellency Gallagher will both be most pleased.”

I glance around the room, but there are really no options. There are weapons trained on everyone, and while I might be able to defend myself, I definitely can’t save us all. I lower my staff and step toward him.

Weeping Willow of Thought



I loved the plot of this story. I especially like the fictional world of 2103 that has been shaped by the author. This book raises an important message for us all, and we should be more aware of our work methodology. This novel is fast-paced with intriguing narration that will keep all the readers on the hook. The connection between today’s up-surging issue with its magic of fantasy made this book a wonderful read.