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Dawn of Magic: Rise of the Guardians

One of my biggest passions is helping Canadian authors and fostering Canadian content. We're a nation of creators and innovators and it's important to nurture that!

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Dreaming the Goddess

Finding Balance in the Dreaming the Goddess Anthology is available at:






Winding thoughtful trail through the forest

If the knife weren’t pressing into my back, I would have stopped dead. Just ahead of us, one of the buildings has a mural painted on the side of it. It clearly depicts James and me working dark magic. Lucifer looms in the background, grinning. Someone has nailed our robes to the paintings, giving the mural a disturbing realism.

Next to the building is a tall elm tree. My stomach churns and my hunger dies when I look up into its branches.

On the central bough, Anaïs dangles lifelessly from a rope wrapped around her neck. On her left, hangs Bernard, his jaw slack. The pure love for his wife that I once saw in his face is but a haunting memory. On her right, little Henri’s lifeless body spins slowly in the light breeze.

Weeping Willow of Thought



I absolutely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. The blending of fantasy, science and the rediscovery of magic and Mother Nature was something I hadn’t read before. This book takes place in the future but the writer made it feel very realistic as though the technology and state of the world could actually evolve this way. Can’t wait for book two.