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Reading from Finding Balance in the Dreaming the Goddess Anthology

Dreaming the Goddess Anthology

Book Launch — Dec. 5, 2021

An absolutely amazing event hosted by publisher Dark Dragon Publishing at Toronto's Midtown Pub.

This unique anthology features New York Times Best-Selling Author Rosemary Edghill, with a brand new Bast novella, resurrecting her protagonist Karen Hightower from her trilogy: Bell, Book, and Murder.

Dreaming The Goddess is a unique anthology in which the Goddess, in many of her myriad guises, are explored through the creation of new stories destined to become new mythology.

Experience the Goddess in Her many guises, from Egypt to Nigeria, from Europe to the UK, from the Middle East to North America.

The event featured amazing readings by the wonderful Moira Scott, James Dick, Stephen B. Pearl, Ira Nayman, and myself.

Made extra special by the fact that a week later Omicron hit in force and events like these were *sigh* canceled once again.




Diverse Spec Readings

Diverse Specific Readings

Host — May 15, 2021

The first ever Story Origin and Dark Helix Press reading event featuring BIPOC/LGBTQ/Female writers!

This is held in parallel to this Story Origin book giveaway, visit this page to download books for free from all authors doing readings. We hope that you enjoy these the stories as read by these awesome authors as we all strive to entertain ourselves during the continuous COVID lockdowns!




The Artsy Raven Episode One

The Arts Raven - Embrace your Dreams, Feel the Magic Flow

Special Guest — March 14th, 2021

Chris Gorman, author of Dawn of Magic: Rise of the Guardians shares his inspiration and struggles with writing his first book. It's taken over ten years, but he did achieve his goal! He describes writing techniques, the hybrid publishing process and how to handle rejection. His method of using multicolored cue cards is most impressive in helping organize and plan his book while writing!

At time 21:30 Chris shares a ten minute reading from his fantasy book, Dawn of Magic: Rise of the Guardians' Chapter Two.

For more about The Artsy Raven Podcast or to join our exclusive Artsy Raven club to receive free books and other cool stuff, visit:

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Journey on Becoming an Indy Author

Journey on Becoming an Indie Author

Panelist — Nov. 7, 2020 4pm to 5pm

Join J.F. Garrard, Ed Seaward, Lee Parpart, and myself as we talk about becoming published through independent and small presses in celebration of Indie Author Day!



Kawartha Vision Care Book Signing



Book Signing

Kawartha Vision Care Cobourg — Oct. 26th, 2020: 12-2pm

Special thanks to all who came to buy books, have their pre-purchased books signed, and those who came in expecting to buy a pair of glasses and walking out with a book!

A special day made even more special by guest appearances of local family members throughout the day!

Super big thanks to the wonderful and amazing staff at Kawartha Vision Care Cobourg for having me. Great glasses. Even better service!



How to Become Published Panel



How to Become Published Panel

University of Toronto Mississauga Campus EDSS & UTM Scribes — Sept. 24th, 2020

Panelist Christopher Gorman offers tips and tricks for getting published gathered from his own experience as an author.

Topics in his presentation include Beta Readers, setting the Intention, networking, and writing what's important to you.



Winding thoughtful trail through the forest

My hands dig into the air like a shovel, and I feel another surge of energy fly out of them. The earth below my feet buckles and thrusts upward, slowing the car immediately. More and more earth piles until the car shudders to a stop.

I stare at it for a moment, slightly amazed that I’m not dead. At the same time, I’m certain that I am and that this is my dying dream. Through a haze of confusion, I see people running toward me. I feel Caitlin’s gaze upon me, but when I look for her, I can’t see her in the crowd. Who is she?

I hear sirens blaring loudly as they approach. I catch a glimpse of the man and woman from my dream as they make their way toward me. Do they mean to help me? Do they know what’s happened? The world goes dark as I collapse into a heap on the ground.

Weeping Willow of Thought



This one had me hooked from the very first chapter! The storytelling and imagery in this book makes you feel like you might be magic as well! Can't wait for the second book to see where this story goes next!