Christopher Gorman — Author

Gorman's prose is urgent and moody, befitting the angst and energy of his narrator . . . The book mixes cyberpunk dystopianism with Celtic-tinged urban fantasy in a way that feels mostly seamless.

Dawn of Magic: Rise of the Guardians and Dreaming the Goddess

Christopher Gorman - Author

Christopher Gorman was born in Uxbridge, Ontario and has loved reading, writing, and science since childhood.

As an adult, his fascination for fantasy and magic blossomed, and in 2001 he began making notes and drafts for his ­ first novel—Dawn of Magic: Rise of the Guardians— in which he explores what he identifies as the trilogy of powers in this world—nature (magic), faith, and science. A real-world student of magic systems throughout the world, but with a special focus on the Celtic magics, he had several careers from suits to cars to airplanes before rediscovering the story bubbling within.

His grandmother was from Gloucestershire and his grandfather was born steps from Helman Tor, Cornwall, and he feels a special connection to both places. He has explored ancient sacred sites in England, Cornwall, Wales and Ireland, and participated in pagan rituals in the mountains of both Wales and America.

Map of the Wizard's Necropolis within Llanog Eolas
Map of the Chamber of Knowledge within Llanog Eolas

Great Hall of Learning within Llanog Eolas

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Winding thoughtful trail through the forest

The lights of the city illuminate the night sky, bathing it in an unnatural daylight. Even at this hour, countless vehicles snake through the core. The thick, pervasive smell of exhaust assaults my senses, contrasting harshly with the rich smell of life and decay in the forest. Above it all, the CN Tower gleams like a jewel, the heart of the city.

The densely populated bloom of lights that is the Downsview Refuge Park thrums in the distance, while rough, dry vegetation swallows up the abandoned industrial and commercial districts on the city’s outskirts.

Mist rides in and shrouds the city in its depths.

Weeping Willow of Thought

Christopher Gorman, in this exceptional work of fiction, captured my heart from the introduction of the book till the very last chapter . . . I can’t remember when last a work of fiction had so much impact on me that I could practically feel myself in the book.